Furniture Consultation

A furniture needs assessment is completed in your home. This can be for a single room or entire home. Measurements of the space will be done to identify furniture needs.

Real Estate Staging

Need to prepare your home to sell? I will depersonalize your home to help make potential buyers feel at home in your home. The goal is to make a lasting impression on the potential buyer to ensure a fast sale for the homeowner. People act on logic, but buy on emotion. Creating a warm and inviting home is key to a quick sale.
Variety of options available:

  1. Staging Consultation
  2. Written Analysis
  3. Professional Staging

Paint Consultation

Choosing the right paint for your rooms is just as important as what you put in your rooms. Working with key elements in your home such as the furnishings, décor, lighting, and flooring, I will recommend paints to achieve an optimal color flow throughout the interior space.

Room Redesign & Floor designs

Is a room in your home missing something? Are you looking for a new look without spending money? I will work with the furniture and items in your space to recreate a fresh, new look. The process will begin with a “preview” of the space and interview to get a feel for your style and personality. The redesign will be scheduled when I have access to the room for 3-4 hours. Additionally, I will give you suggestions at the end of the redesign to further improve the space. Moreover, if you are living in Sandy, Utah I can recommend you the Allfloorsinterior flooring installations since they have amazing designs and quality materials. 

Accessory Shopping Service

Shopping services are offered especially after a room redesign or project renovation. Accessory suggestions may be made to enhance the new space. When time is scarce, this service is a great way to complete your space.

J.Hilburn Men’s’ Clothing Personal Stylist

Style and design play a role in all aspects of our lives and fashion is no exception. Most men hate to shop for anything, so the concept around J. Hilburn is brilliant. I meet most men at their office or home and work with them to develop and create a functional wardrobe from casual to professional to formal. The custom dress shirts are amazing and the fabric chooses are endless. Please visit my website at


Certified in Interior Redesign & Home Staging