Stephanie Szewczyk, Owner and Designer


I love change. I’m creative and innovative and I know what I like. I love fashion and decorating and creating a space that is me. It’s who I am, it’s what I do. I like things that not everyone has. If I can create it, then it is part of me…it’s my vision and my dream.

I created Stephanie Spice Designs to allow people the opportunity to get the things they really want for their home. Many people live in their homes but don’t love the space or feel disconnected from the area. I want to change that. I want to help you create unique, custom home furnishings that bring out your style. I often hear that people don’t know what their style is or what they like. That’s actually a good thing. The key is intertwining custom pieces to make the space functional, livable yet injecting your individual spirit.

I grew up in Ohio in the heart of Amish country where life is simple and the most noise you will hear are roosters crowing or a buggy rambling down the dirt road. I remember being surrounded by beautiful pieces of furniture and gorgeous custom made cabinets, cotton microfiber sheets, pine knotted floors and cedar ceilings in my childhood home. Most of this was the result of my dad and Amish craftsmen that lived just down the road. When my parents were building on to our house when I was young, I remember my mom telling the contractor she had a vision and the Amish craftsmen making it a reality. That is why I only work with Amish craft makers that I know and trust. They offer the highest quality products at honest prices. They see and feel the vision of me and my customers…they make it a reality and a dream come true.


Rich texture fabrics that are soft to the touch or vibrant and alive patterns, regardless of your style or color pallet, I believe we all deserve the chance to customize everything we touch. So I have partnered with a custom upholstery furniture maker in Ohio to bring unique and classic pieces that will stand out in your home. It’s not only about the quality and highest standards in the furniture industry, it’s about you being creative, you getting choices and you getting exactly what you want.

Today I live far from the serenity of Amish country in Hopkinton, MA with my husband Mark and our three children, Mason, Scarlett and Maklin. Most of my family is still in Ohio and we have a “country” house there that we escape to as often as possible.

I have an eye for quality and style and a passion for perfection. I look forward to working with you on your next decorating project.

Education & Certifications

  • BS in Business Administration
  • Certified in Interior Redesign
  • Certified in Home Staging



Erica Dunton, Assistant Designer and Event Planner


So there I stood, at the age of 22, diploma in my hand supposedly ready for the real world. The only problem was, like so many of my peers, I hated my career field. I had thought college was supposed to help me figure it all out, but instead I stood more confused than ever. I realized college was just a stepping stone and the real work of finding my passion had begun.

I have been lucky enough to be employed by Stephanie at the time of my dismay. I have worked inside her household as a nanny for her children since 2010. Not only am I her employee but over the years we have become lifelong friends. It was to my surprise, when conversing with Stephanie in the kitchen, that she had an unshaken desire to open her own business. To her surprise I immediately jumped on board to assist in anyway.

Since the faint idea of Stephanie Spice Designs to the now open store in downtown Hopkinton, I have been actively involved. We’ve worked together to achieve a goal of running a small business in a time when MOM and POP shops don’t exist. From the moment I started I found my passion. Realizing that setting events up for the business was an obsession, I drew unrealized parallels to my passions in high school. I had loved setting up events such as prom, fundraisers, and religious retreats. I never realized my passion was staring me in the face the whole time!

After this great epiphany I decided to dive into different types of events and expand my knowledge. I am a Certified Wedding Planner and can assist with any party or event such as weddings, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, fundraising, and more.

Education & Certifications

  • BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Certified Wedding Planner